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This new TikTok food trend will take every bread enthusiast to cloud nine

This new TikTok food trend will take every bread enthusiast to cloud nine

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We told you, TikTok is a treasure trove of easy and interesting recipes for every homecook out there ever since quarantine started. Personally, dalgona coffee, pancake cereals and the reemergence of mug cakes were my favorites—but a new trend is giving it a run for money.

Recently, bakers returned with another easy-to-make pastry called cloud bread on the video-sharing app. This fluffy treat is reminiscent of meringues in texture, and many have been hooked into making it look as colorful as possible. 

“Cloud bread is made of just egg whites, cornstarch and sugar. After separating three egg whites, place them in a bowl and whisk them until they’re frothy. Then add 30 grams of sugar and 10 grams of cornstarch to the mix. Keep whipping this mixture until it has a thick consistency like dough. When you get it to the desired thickness, put it on a baking sheet,” shared Bustle.

Afterward, bake it for 25 minutes in an oven set to 300 degrees Fahrenheit—and you’ll have a soft and fluffy pastry ready to be served.

To make it colorful, I am a food blog shared that you should add food coloring when you put in the cornstarch to the mix. They also advised not to add all the sugar at once. “Your meringue will be fluffier if you add it in gradually, one tablespoon at a time,” they wrote.

Here are some cloud bread inspirations for your next baking session.






Photo used in header from Dished

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