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Peter’s Butter Ball just got the ice cream treatment thanks to The Lost Bread and Arce Dairy

Peter’s Butter Ball just got the ice cream treatment thanks to The Lost Bread and Arce Dairy

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Quarantine has a lot of people feeling nostalgic about the good ol’ times. From listening to throwback hits to shopping for vintage items, it’s absolutely normal to find comfort in the familiar. If you’re craving a piece of your childhood, The Lost Bread, in collaboration with Arce Dairy, recently launched a Peter’s Butter Ball inspired ice cream that’ll send you back to long days playing under the sun.

Their Butterball flavored ice cream is their latest incarnation of childhood treats turned ice cream fan favorites. Other goody bag stuffers like Chocnut and Haw Haw Milk have also received the same delicious treatment. 

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If you want to stock up on your other childhood favorites, the Chocnut and Haw Haw Milk flavors come in a trio pack along with The Lost Bread’s Blue Vanilla ice cream.

The Lost Bread also has other throwback flavors like the ’90s Kid Mix, which is a combination of sprinkles, iced gems and mini marshmallows folded into rich vanilla ice cream, Mango Graham, made with mango ice cream with graham cracker bits and Fun Fair Popcorn, a sweet treat made with milk ice cream and sweet caramel and chocolate popcorn. 

If you’re longing for a taste of comfort and a sweet treat, you can get The Lost Bread’s unique ice cream flavors delivered straight to your door through their website. You’ll be really glad that you did. 


Header photo courtesy of The Lost Bread’s website.

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