From Mang Larry’s to Bulilit Kitchen, here are some street food places that are open for takeout or delivery

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There’s just something so wonderful about street food. You feel a unique kind of joy when you get to the office a little early with a warm cup of taho in hand. It’s the same feeling you get when you take a little break from work and end up elbow to elbow with strangers and friends in front of a boiling wok of oil waiting for your kwek-kwek and fishball combo. 

Although standing in front of an uncovered frying pan on a crowded sidewalk may never happen again, at least you can still enjoy your street food favorites from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t want to prepare everything from scratch or miss the taste of other people’s cooking here are a few places that are open for pickup or delivery: 

Mang Larry’s Isawan

Mang Larry’s Isawan is an institution within an institution, feeding hungry iskos and iskas since they first opened in 1984. These days, you don’t have to go all the way to Diliman for their isaw, barbecue and other grilled delights. You can call ahead to place an order and pick them up or get a few sticks to share for takeout. Just make sure you follow the social distancing measures in place. 

You can place an advance order by calling them at 0925-3845965 or 0945-8365250.

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to scoop your own taho, Avenida’s taho kits also come with their very own sandok! They also have other hot and cold street food favorites like tusok tusok kits (with different varieties of balls to choose from) and classic sweet treats like 

Iskrambol, sago’t gulaman and sorbetes. Their tusok tusok kits can be delivered ready to eat or ready to cook, so you can have the most authentic experience possible. 

You can place an order through their Instagram

Mang Tootz Foodhouse

Although you can make your own turon, there’s just something special about the turon you buy off the street. Mang Tootz’s version of turon, the banana rhuma, comes with a caramelized exterior sprinkled generously with sesame seeds. Aside from their banana rhuma, they also sell side dishes and solo meal sets that vary from day to day when you want to give your kitchen a break. 

Place your orders by calling 0917-6246288 for their Manila branch or 0917-8569240 for their Makati branch. 

Bulilit Kitchen

Since the team behind Access Travel has been grounded due to the pandemic, they’ve turned their attention to cooking lots and lots of food. To say that Bulilit Kitchen has a big menu would be putting it lightly. Bulilit Kitchen has all the usual grilled street food fare like pork barbecue, isaw and bulaklak, but they also sell seafood, baked goods and desserts. If you’re in the mood for a bigger meal, you should definitely check out their boodle fight platters and other special dishes to really make it an event. 

You can reach them on WhatsApp or Viber through 0998-9968902 for orders. 

Header image by Alessandra Sio on Unsplash

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