This Spanish omelette recipe only needs 5 ingredients, some patience and a dash of courage

Tortilla de Patatas Clara Aseniero Comfort Kitchen

The humble egg is among the most basic ingredients everyone has in their kitchen. It’s used in main dishes, desserts and even some drinks. But the egg’s true claim to fame is being the unbeatable (pun intended) breakfast staple all around the world. Everyone enjoys their eggs in a variety of ways—scrambled, sunny side-up, poached, boiled or over easy. But If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy this morning favorite, model and researcher Clara Aseniero has just the recipe for you.

Its fancy name aside, tortilla de patatas is actually a very simple dish. This hearty Spanish omelette only requires five basic ingredients, plus a bit of time, some patience and a dash of courage. 

For this dish, you’ll need six eggs, a generous amount of olive oil, two large (and we mean large) potatoes, two onions and a couple pinches of salt. The beauty in Clara’s recipe is how straightforward it is. She sautés the onions and potatoes until slightly brown and tender, folds them gently in a bowl where the beaten eggs are patiently waiting, seasons with salt, lets the mixture rest for fifteen minutes and then pops it back into the pan on high heat for a minute or two. 

After the bottom of the omelette is cooked to a perfect golden brown, she flips (yes, flips!) the half-cooked omelette onto a plate and slides it back into the pan for another minute. 

What comes off the stove is a beautiful, layered potato omelette that’s soft in the center, crisp around the edges and golden brown all over. 

The tortilla de patatas is the perfect way to make sure breakfast is truly an event. Just make sure to have your courage ready and waiting. Happy flipping!

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