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Is it a bouquet of flowers or a cake? It’s both! It’s a ‘boucake’

Is it a bouquet of flowers or a cake? It’s both! It’s a ‘boucake’

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Someone once asked “Flowers—can you even eat those?” (and yes, that person is me) just to end up seeing those baked into bread and laminated in pasta. While she does know that flowers like hibiscus, lavender, honeysuckle and nasturtium are actually edible and even have potential health benefits, it still felt impressive seeing flowers creatively presented and incorporated in entrées, drinks and desserts.

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She then ate her words more upon stumbling into homebased food business La Vienne Bakery’s feed on Instagram, where she found beautiful bouquets of roses that are actually cakes—specifically, cheesecakes. Although not actually made from real roses, this floral dessert that the bakery calls “boucake” is just as beautiful as real bouquets and will make you do a double-take for sure.

This sweet confection is decorated with fresh strawberries sourced from Baguio and realistic-looking “flowers” and “succulents” made with La Vienne Bakery’s special milk cream. Meanwhile, its base is a Basque burnt cheesecake. 

A whole boucake, which has five flowers and comes in a 6×4 inches tin can and , is available for P1,988. Meanwhile, a whole succulent cake is available for P1,989. For those who prefer single servings, the boucake also has a “petite” version that has one flower and comes in a 3.5×4 inches tin  is available for P699.

You can order these floral desserts by messaging La Vienne Bakery on Instagram or buying through their website at Aside from Metro Manila, they also deliver to various areas in Central Luzon and Calabarzon.

Header photo from La Vienne Bakery

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