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Believe it or not, this cartoon-looking cheese block is actually cheesecake

Believe it or not, this cartoon-looking cheese block is actually cheesecake

  • By Love’s Sweesecake is inspired by its main ingredient, Swiss cheese—and you can order it through Instagram

In 2020, home bakers and artsy pastry chefs confused everyone with cakes disguised as everyday objects. This year, cakes have altogether taken a comical route. Imagine a block of cheese that’s actually a cheesecake that you can slice into and eat! That’s exactly what you get from Instagram-based pastry business By Love’s Sweesecake.

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A quick look at this confection will remind any kid and kid at heart of cheese as portrayed in animated movies and series: yellow, with a lot of gaping holes. But the look is also based on a real life kind of hard cheese, Swiss cheese, known to have holes—also called eyes.

Manila-based home baker Sharinnah “Love” Didaagun came up with the idea last year while trying to make a cheesecake to her liking: something not too sweet.

“I just really wanted a cheesy cheesecake for myself, one that is not overpowered by sugar or other sweet flavors,” Didaagun told “So aside from the usual cream cheese, I thought of adding Swiss cheese, which was the only other type of cheese I had in my fridge at that time. I added holes to keep it in theme with its unusual ingredient.”

The Sweesecake, as By Love calls it, is made with Australian cream cheese, fresh whipping cream, Greek yogurt, and Swiss cheese, among others. 

The Swiss cheese adds a sweetness that contrasts with the tang of cream cheese. Love suggests eating it with wine and savory treats. “But it can definitely be enjoyed on its own. Every order comes with a jar of forest fruits jam that complements the cheesecake very well,” she adds.

Love is currently taking orders through her Instagram page,, where she sells the Sweesecake for P550 for a four-inch round cake and P1,300 for the bigger six-inch cake. It also comes with a jar of fruit toppings. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.