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These cheese cakes are made with *literal* wheels of cheese

These cheese cakes are made with *literal* wheels of cheese

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If quarantine proved one thing, it’s that food is truly the star of the show. One of the hottest quarantine trends was the burnt basque cheesecake. It’s rich, delicious and oh so cheesy. At some point in quarantine, our Instagram feeds were filled to the brim with this luscious cheesy treat. But like most trends, it lost its luster after some time. 

If you’re looking for the next big cheese (pun slightly intended), we present to you: cheese towers. 

At first glance, these cheesy creations may look like any other tiered cake, but what makes them truly special is that they’re made of wheels and blocks of cheese. If you’re looking to add more impact to your dinner table (or you know, just eat a whole bunch of cheese), here’s where you can get these towers of joy: 


Maison Cheese

Special occasions like weddings, birthdays and family celebrations call for a pièce de résistance, and Maison Cheese’s cheese tower fits the bill. Their customizable cheese towers come in three, four and five-tiered versions. They also have the option to add other accoutrements like fruits and nuts to pair with the cheeses. 


For orders and inquiries, you can contact them through their website


La Petit Fromagerie

If you’re looking for the real deal, La Petit Fromagerie flies their cheese wheels straight from France. Each four-tier tower is made with huge wheels of cheese and decorated with fresh flowers, fruits, crackers and nuts. Aside from the cheese towers, La Petit Fromagerie also offers raclette kits, vegan cheese options and monthly cheese subscription boxes so you’ll never have to worry about running low. 


For orders and inquiries, you can contact them through their website


The Cheese Deli

If you’re celebrating with fewer people (or a party of one), The Cheese Deli’s cheese wheel tower is for you. Their towers are smaller, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious. They decorate their creations with fruits, nuts and other edible decor all over the tower, so it’s also a feast for the eyes. 


For orders and inquiries, you can contact them through their Instagram


Header image courtesy of La Petit Fromagerie Facebook

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