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A beginner’s guide to making and finding Basque burnt cheesecake

A beginner’s guide to making and finding Basque burnt cheesecake


With travel restrictions still imposed due to the pandemic, personally visiting the sights and experiencing the culture of another country is impossible for the meantime. Some people have been satisfying their wanderlust by doing virtual tours of various global landmarks such as museums and amusement parks. However, one way you can also trick yourself into fulfilling your need to travel is by enjoying at home one of the main highlights of vacation trips: food.

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We’ve been having sushi, karaage and ramen delivered to our homes to pretend like we’re in Japan, enjoying a stroll in Tokyo or preparing to see Mt. Fuji. Making samgyupsal on our own or having meal sets delivered is also somehow satisfying our wish to explore South Korea’s sceneries for now. Chef Nicco Santos has also helped us have a taste of Malaysian cuisine through homemade sambal, sambar prawn and nasi goreng available for delivery.

If you’re a fellow dessert enthusiast, a trending oozy and caramelized cheesecake which originated in Basque, Spain might be something you’d want to try out. While its scorched exterior might make you do a double-take, Basque burnt cheesecake’s soft and creamy texture brings a delectable melt-in-your-mouth experience that’s so hard to resist.

Once a hole-in-the-wall tarta de queso from La Viña, a restaurant in Basque’s capital city San Sebastián, Basque burnt cheesecake has risen to worldwide fame.

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Aside from being easy to make, home bakers would love how simple its ingredients list is. In fact, you only need seven ingredients that are readily available in your baking cabinet: cream cheese, granulated sugar, large eggs, vanilla extract, heavy cream, salt and all-purpose flour.

Baking beginners would also appreciate not having to worry about it cracking on top and having to be even-textured and -colored like regular cheesecakes, either.

Alternatively, you can get Basque burnt cheesecakes from numerous local bakeries as well.

Chef Chele’s Kitchen

Chef Chele’s Kitchen basque burnt cheesecake
Photo from Chef Chele’s Kitchen

A total product of love, the Basque burnt cheesecake from Chef Chele’s Kitchen is a creation by the chef and his wife Teri Gonzales themselves. Chef Chele Gonzales learned the recipe for this sweet treat while working and living in its city of origin. Initially reserved for special occasions with family and friends, this special cheesecake is being offered by the couple for the very first time to the public in time for the holiday season.

It comes in two sizes: a 6.5-inch version for P950 and an 8.5-inch version for P1,550. Order via Chef Chele’s Kitchen’s official Instagram and Facebook pages or message Chef Chele’s Kitchen on Viber at 0917-6538877.

Basque MNL

Basque MNL takes orders for this sweet treat weekly, and you can place pre-orders by messaging them on Instagram or contacting 0917-5835588 on Viber.

Chrisha’s Kitchen

If you want it sugar-free, Chrisha’s Kitchen also has their own Basque burnt cheesecake offering, which can be ordered at their website for P850.


This Quezon City bakery has 7” and 9” Basque burnt cheesecakes available for P780 and P1,100, respectively. Payments can be made via online transfer through BPI, BDO or GCash or cash on delivery for those in Ayala Heights, La Vista and Loyola Grand Villas only.


Known for their artisan Belgian chocolate cookies, Bakescout has also added Basque burnt cheesecake to their menu recently. It is available in two sizes: 8” for P1,650 and 6.5” for P980.

Le Petit Souffle

Order Le Petit Souffle’s version of this rising food trend through The Grid or calling 0917-7077459 or 0917-7022534.

The Manila Baker

Aside from the original Basque burnt cheesecake (P1,200 for 8” and P1,800 for 10”), The Manila Baker also has Basque burnt strawberry cheesecake (P1,300 for 8” and P1,900 for 10”) on its menu list. 

The Manila Baker

Chocolate lovers, rejoice—because here’s a version of the famous cheesecake in your favorite flavor. Made with premium chocolate and hazelnut praline, this decadent treat is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

La Crema Manila

Craving for more flavors? In addition to its classic version (P850 for 6” and P1,350 for 9”), La Crema Manila also offers ube halaya, matcha and dark chocolate variants (P950 for 6” and P1,250 for 8”) of this trending cheesecake.

Costumbre Manila

Looking for a treat with a local twist? This might seem like bibingka at first look, but it’s actually Basque burnt cheesecake.

Lulu Everyday PH

This Japanese-style Basque burnt cheesecake will literally let you enjoy strawberries on top along with a heavenly cream cheese flavor.


Header photo from Chrisha’s Kitchen

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