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How else can you enjoy leche flan? Let us count the ways

How else can you enjoy leche flan? Let us count the ways


One of the desserts that remind me of the holidays the most is leche flan. The days leading up to Christmas are almost always spent in the kitchen, making enough of the custard treat to last us until the new year.  Either that, or being on the lookout for online sellers who can still deliver their version of leche flan on Christmas morning.

While I can spend time talking about where you can get the classic leche flan, I think it’s important to recognize how home bakers have been re-inventing this dessert.


Graham de Leche

We love our graham cakes, we love our leche flan—but most of all, we love it when these desserts are combined with each other. Graham de Leche cakes are made with layers of graham crackers and cream, then topped with leche flan and caramel syrup. Shakin N Bakin’ makes it possible for you to enjoy a cake on your own, or a barkada-sized cake good for six people.


Leche Flan Tortes

While we’re on the topic of leche flan in layered pastries, let’s talk about leche flan in kakanin-inspired desserts. Meet Sebastian’s Ice Cream leche flan tortes—layers of jackfruit, ube and kutsinta ice cream on top of a latik cookie crust—topped with coconut cream leche flan.



What’s better than waking up to freshly baked pandesal in the morning? Waking up to pandesal filled with creamy leche flan, of course. Flandesals are palm-sized pastries that have a slightly crisp crust topped with caramel syrup. You can find them at Bakedt Homemade Pastries, where a box of six is priced at P100.



If you’re on the lookout for extra creamy desserts, you can always turn to LeCheesecakes. As the name suggests, these are cheesecakes topped with creamy leche flan. You can find bite-sized versions of this at Nikita’s Pastries. A box of six is priced at P700 while 12 pieces cost P1,200.



Here’s a new way of enjoying the classic macaroon: Having the buttery dessert on top of a creamy leche flan base. Thanks to Gigi Gaerlan’s Custaroonery, you can enjoy the amazing combination of macaroons and flans—freshly baked and handmade daily.


Header photos courtesy of Bakedt Homemade Pastries and Sebastian’s Ice Cream

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