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Dreaming of an eco-friendly Christmas? These plantable gift tags can help

Dreaming of an eco-friendly Christmas? These plantable gift tags can help


Being eco-friendly in wrapping your gifts can go a long way, but how else can you make sure that gift-giving gives something back to the environment as well?

How about gift tags that can add to a loved one’s or friends’ garden collection?

Yup, plantable gift tags are a thing. They’re made with recycled paper and embedded with seeds in the process. Open the gift, tear off the tag and plant it, how easy is that? The seeds will germinate and grow in a few days, with the paper serving as compost. Here’s where to order them:


Silent Beads


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What to do with the paper bags you get from grocery runs or deliveries? Donate them to Silent Beads! For 20 pieces of medium or large brown paper bags donated, you can get paper embedded with spinach or any seeds you prefer. They have drop-off points around the country, but you can coordinate with them if you prefer to send them  your paper donations directly.

Silent Beads also accepts personalized gift tag orders—all you have to do is email your preferred designs after placing your orders.


Hands On Manila


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For gift tags that go towards worthy causes, check out Hands On Manila. The volunteer organization is currently selling plantable gift tags, with 32 pieces priced at P495 and 12 pieces at P195. Proceeds will benefit volunteer programs for its partner organizations and partner communities.

To place an order, contact Hands On Manila at 0917-8558514 or 8843-7044.




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If you’re looking for cute gift tags, there’s always Paperblooms. Its plantable gift tags have 30 spinach seeds embedded in cardboard, and decorated with Christmas- or birthday-themed illustrations. A pack of 10 gift cards is priced at P99. You can place your orders through its Instagram.

To make your gift wrapping experience a lot easier, Paperblooms also offers plantable paper bundles. These come with three A4-size pieces of plantable wrapping paper, a plantable card, 20 plantable tags and three3 feet of jute string.


Header images courtesy of Silent Beads and Hands On Manila

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