plastic pile heap bags
Don’t throw away online shopping plastic bags. This service collects and recycles them for you

While we *slowly* try to get rid of plastic in packaging, this collection service recycles what plastic waste so they don’t end up in landfills

white tshirt with good boy print
This P850 T-shirt by a local designer is making us question the ‘real’ cost of clothes

Contemporary clothing brand Randolf’s P850 retro-looking T-shirt is at the center of a Twitter discussion on what’s a reasonable price to pay for clothes. Designer RJ Santos and other local designers answer back

Buy real vintage clothes per kilo in Escolta—just say these magic words

Glorious Dias is selling vintage clothes from the ’80s and ’90s at the First United Building in Escolta

Here’s what these ‘sustainability’ terms meant before they became greenwashing buzzwords

Know these terms and what they really mean beyond Earth Day

A map of Philippine weaves and the stories of artisan communities woven into it

ANTHILL Fabric Gallery’s latest product, a tapestry map, pins the the places origins of various traditional weaves while ensuring that none of it goes to waste

a man uphill carrying a bag of abaca saplings
Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, is now repopulating Philippine forests

The Berlin-based website is already scoping areas in Aklan and Bukidnon to plant native trees like abaca

This app picks up your recyclables while teaching you basic waste management

No need to go out just to drop off plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans and other recyclables at the nearest facility, Trash Panda will do that for you

nolisoli alternative noche buena spread roast turkey healthy vegan cheese sausages inanutshell
LIST: Plant-based cheeses that taste like the real thing

After beef and lamb, cheese has the highest gas emission in food. Is it time we switch to plant-based cheese?

view of earth from outer space
Watch these enviro-mentaries at WWF’s Earth Hour PHlix before lights out on Mar. 27

Teach kids about wildlife conservation, learn the basics of sustainable dining and dive deep into our plastic problem, because simply flicking the switch is not enough

LOOK: This edible packaging dissolves and becomes noodle seasoning

UK-based product design student Holly Grounds developed this sheet made from an edible, tasteless starch-based bioplastic that dissolves in contact with boiling water