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Outdoorsy lounge chairs for indoor summer vacations

Outdoorsy lounge chairs for indoor summer vacations

  • We may be stuck at home at what’s supposed to be vacation season, but if you have ample backyard space, it could still feel like summer with these chairs

Raise your hands if you’ve personally been jealous of Australian singer Troye Sivan’s Victorian-era house with a courtyard in Melbourne. You’re lying if you didn’t even feel a tinge of jealousy at the sight of his lush garden, which he recently shared with Architectural Digest. (One more reason to be jelly, Australia is handling this pandemic far better than any country in the world, including ours.)

Meanwhile, here in the country, we are left to our own gardens, which by now are brimming with foliage thanks to our plant purchases. We may not get to go on a beach trip in time for drier months—which is just about now—but thankfully there are ways we can make our outdoor spaces feel like paradise.

The answer: outdoor lounge chairs.

These long seats are perfect for lying under the sun or maybe even a WIG (work in the garden) setup.

Halohalo Home’s Easy Chair

This foldable garden chair is just one of Halohalo Home’s selections of indoor summer-appropriate pieces. They have sensuous padded long seats as well as a sling beach rattan chair made in collaboration with furniture maker E. Murio. Of course, a Halohalo piece of furniture is never without its candy-colored upcycled woven pattern. 


Nooke’s Lounge Chair

You may know this brand for its solid wood indoor furnishings like its wave shelf or one of its many mirror designs, but Nooke also has the perfect vacation seat. The lounge chair is made of a natural finished mahogany frame and comes with a removable and washable canvas seat. Imagine how much better it would be to lie on this on the beach. Imagine.


Hay’s Palissade Chaise Lounge

This galvanized steel chaise seat is giving us public green space realness (something we don’t have a lot of here, unfortunately). Designed by the French brothers behind the contemporary furniture company Hay, this lounge is perfect for our tropical climate. It can withstand elements like rain and heat and is made to last. 


Omo Furniture’s Bahia Lounge Chair

This one is for the naturalist, who prefers not to introduce foreign objects into their gardens. The Bahia lounge chair, aside from having a long silhouette, has an elongated wooden armrest that can double as many things: a “table” for a multi-course meal or a desk for working.

Price available upon request

Obra Cebuana’s Simone Lounge Chair

For the not very online and under-the-radar vacationer in you, this dark and mysterious lounge chair is the one. It’s inconspicuous enough not to arouse suspicion from prying neighbors, but also low-key luxe with its leather seat woven in a herringbone pattern. Just remember to bring it inside when it rains.

Price available upon request

Balay Disenyo’s Peacock Lounger

We tell you now: This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It may as well be a throne with its elaborate headrest, fitting for the queens in our lives. It also comes with a removable cushion for maximum comfort. The thing though is it’s a bit short, so you might want to buy an additional ottoman. Call your siblings to split the cost.

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