Jul 3, 2020

Just so we are clear: We do not get anything in return for doing these lists. Sadly, we are still not VIP in any of the shops we’ve featured so far. But that’s beside the point. (Although that would really be cool huh?)

Like with thrift shops, we are drawn to these online stores because they promote a circular economy—and we love that for Mother Earth. At this point, we may have overused this phase but here it is again: don’t buy brand new when you can buy secondhand or vintage.

That goes for your clothes, electronics, tableware and you know what else? Furniture.

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Yes, you can find great selections of used or vintage chairs, tables, light fixtures, and what not online just as you can find plates and mugs. Of course, they come with much steeper prices (as they should!), excluding shipping because with how big some of these things are, you’ll need a specialized delivery solution.

But hey, furniture like wine ages well if kept well. And if you’re into vintage one-offs or say, mid-century pieces, they have been resurfacing right now at way more reasonable prices than at auctions. And who knows, you might just stumble into a treasure you can flip (wink).


For tableware miners transitioning to furniture: Alabaster.deco

What: Mid-century modern pieces, wooden, cushioned and plastic chairs
How: Comment “mine.” First commenter basis
When: Next drop is on July 3


For vintage furniture fans on a budget: The Vintage Hunter

What: Mid-century modern hardwood chairs and tables
How: Direct message
When: Uploads regularly


For new collectors starting modestly: Wood Treasure Furniture 

What: Preloved drawers, cabinets, side tables, chairs
How: Direct message
When: Uploads regularly


For fans of minimalist Japanese furniture: Ware Co

What: Dividers, small drawers, minimalist furniture
How: Direct message
When: Next collection TBA


For “miners” in the market for Scandinavian pieces: Imported Furniture PH

What: Couches, drawer chests, chairs, dining sets
How: Comment “mine,” confirm via DM
When: Uploads regularly


For vintage furniture (with provenance) hunters: Space Encounters

What: Pre-loved designer pieces, antique furniture, locally made replicas
How: Direct message
When: They just wrapped up their sale. Best to DM to inquire for availability


For Mid-century modern fans looking for the real deal: Midcentury Manila

What: Pre-loved authentic Mid-century modern pieces
How: Comment “mine” or “sold” or send a DM
When: Uploads regularly


For hard-core hardwood furniture fans: Ma. Maison Vintage

What: Vintage Mid-century modern hardwood desks, display cabinets
How: Direct message
When: Uploads regularly


For furniture flipping enthusiasts: Allen Badlab

What: Rescued vintage furniture, industrial filing cabinets
How: Direct message
When: Uploads regularly


Header photo by Jens Behrmann on Unsplash

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