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Intramuros is considering pedestrian-only streets to improve mobility—and it needs your input

Intramuros is considering pedestrian-only streets to improve mobility—and it needs your input

  • Do you agree with the Intramuros Administration’s plans to turn certain streets into pedestrian-only streets where motor vehicles are not allowed to enter?
aerial view of intramuros

Intramuros remains to be one of the rare free public spaces where Filipinos can revisit the past while marveling at Spanish-era structures. During the pandemic, it has been only one of few spaces where people are allowed to go despite quarantine restrictions. 

With a plan to improve mobility in the city, the Intramuros Administration is consulting the public on whether or not some streets inside the complex should be closed to vehicular traffic and open only to walking pedestrians, cyclists, light electric vehicles, and pedicabs.

According to the administration’s Facebook post on July 14, one of the streets being considered is General Luna Street that cuts through most of the Walled City. It has also put out an online survey where the public can sound off on the plan.

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As of writing, there are less than 50 testimonies logged, ranging from sincere pedestrians wanting to reclaim public spaces to hilarious troll-like users who say things like “roads are not meant for walking” or “public parks are a waste of space.” So please, make your voice heard—and make sense while you’re at it.

It is not clear how much of the public sentiment (which are all shown as anonymous) the Intramuros Administration will be basing its decision on, but it is nice to know that most people still value the benefit of public spaces over having access to roads and parking lots for cars. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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