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Mental health is about to be a bigger issue due to extreme heat

Aside from worrying about typhoons and our *literal* survival, mental health is another factor we have to consider amid the ongoing climate crisis

No weekend plans? Visit these museums—for free

In celebration of International Museum Day, these museums have waived entrance fees for visitors this weekend

12/10’s five-course daytime dessert omakase is *the* dessert experience

The best way to describe the restaurant’s daytime dessert menu is the highest compliment an Asian parent can pay a sweet treat: “Not too sweet.”

This free lecture and exhibit wants to teach people about the historic San Nicolas district

Over 40 works of art depicting San Nicolas by the Urban Sketchers community will be on display at the Instituo Cervantes’ Intramuros location

What we call “brownouts” aren’t actually brownouts

Like “xeroxing” and “CR,” the term “brownout” has experienced a change in meaning thanks to our Filipinisms

hummus recipe
Low-effort, high-yield recipes for your snacking needs

While you *can* just buy ready made snacks, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be found in making it yourself

Local summer destinations that *aren’t* Boracay, Siargao, or Palawan

No tea, no shade to the most popular tourist spots in the country, but these destinations also deserve attention

The whole world celebrates Cinco de Mayo. Except most of Mexico

If you’re going out for Cinco de Mayo, you should *at least* know why you’re celebrating in the first place

Trauma-informed yoga shows that movement can be medicine

Yoga has been a go-to exercise for people seeking a deeper mind-body connection. Trauma-informed yoga does just that, and potentially even more

‘Breakups and Breakdowns’ is a love letter to rom coms

On its fifth run and latest version, the musical comedy has cracked the code to the elusive light and fluffy romantic comedy