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Need time out of the city? Baguio is accepting fully vaxxed tourists

While the Summer Capital of the Philippines didn’t open up in time for summer, visiting Baguio just got easier. If you’re fully vaxxed, that is

Joy is fleeting, but you can order this falafel sandwich every day

“People usually consume food, not the other way around. This falafel sandwich though… It’s different.”

Bottoms up: Try these drinks if you don’t like the taste of alcohol

Alcohol is an acquired taste. Here are some canned drinks you should try if you have yet to acquire it

Long Covid might be linked to changes in your brain, research suggests

Long Covid is still a mystery to most doctors, but new research shows that it may be linked to alterations in the brain

Queer Spaces: O Bar

Resident O Bar drag performers Dee Dee Marie Holliday, Brigiding, Precious Paula Nicole, and Katkat look back at the most special moments they’ve had on its hallowed stage

Queer Spaces: Poison Wednesdays at Nectar

Poison Wednesdays at Nectar is a party—but the team behind it lends its success to the rich history of protest that brought it to life

This local zine brings art and food together for its anniversary celebration

You can find mango ketchup, pizza-inspired lasagna, and more at FAKE Zine’s online food-centric FAKE Fair 2021

These tofu desserts will show you just how versatile tofu is

If you have a package of silken tofu at home, you’re already one step closer to making your own dessert

You can go fishing at the Pasig River. No, we’re not kidding

If you’re dreaming of a calm afternoon by the water, you can bring your fishing rods and your bait and fish by the Pasig River

ESSAY: Between the pandemic and the vaccine, we are all living half lives

Restaurants are open, malls are crowded, traffic is back to being insane—but over 90 percent of the population are yet to be vaccinated