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OPINION: While the gov’t is hung up on face shields, the Delta COVID-19 variant has arrived

After the gripping volleyball-like saga on the use of face shields, maybe it’s time the government focuses on something that’s *actually* important. Like the new COVID-19 Delta variant

No ifs or guts about it: What to eat and drink to improve gut health

We all know yogurt and whole grains are good for your gut, so here’s what else you can add to your shopping list

Doctors are making house calls again. Here’s how to book one

Going to the hospital for a general consultation is a risk these days. Luckily, doctors are making house calls again

Happy Father’s Day to the village of gays who helped raise me

While I do have a nuclear family, I was also raised by a village of gay men. Here are just some of the wisdom bombs they’ve dropped over the years

Make your halo-halo *extra* fun with Agimat’s Ube Cream Liqueur

Ube is one of the most uniquely Filipino ingredients, and the team behind Agimat and Distileria Barako have boozed and bottled it up

The best gift you can give your dad is a Father’s Day meal from these restaurants

If your dad is just one of the guys or a gentleman of refined taste, you can definitely impress him by ordering a meal from one of these restaurants

Chocolate-filled waffle tips exist. And yes, these are tears in our eyes

Savoring the chocolate-filled final bite of your ice cream cone was a formative childhood experience for many of us. Now, we can buy just the tip

What you should read, watch, and listen to according to restaurant insiders

Got some spare time? Here are a few things you should add to your food-media-to-consume list—as told by insiders like Josh Boutwood, Christine Roque, and more

We can’t let our guard down just because the COVID-19 vaccines are here

While the vaccines are arriving, some people are already partying like it’s the world post-vaxx. This is a supremely bad idea

Add a world of flavor to your meals with these essential herbs and spices

Voyages were chartered, wars were waged, and lands were conquered just to find some spice. At least now we can just run to the grocery store and buy some