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Jarcuterie Noble Grazes header nolisoliph
These cute little charcuterie jars are a-mason

While charcuterie boards are irreplaceable, “jarcuterie” makes for perfect, socially-distanced, single-serve snacking

Letting go, starting over, and some lessons from my therapist

Therapy? Expensive. This article? Free

Croft Bulk Foods Zero Waste Stores outside Manila Visayas Mindanao header nolisoliph
5 zero-waste stores outside Manila that can help you live more sustainably

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to make the switch to better, more earth-friendly shopping habits

COVID-19 vaccine LGU update header nolisoliph
These LGUs are rolling out their COVID-19 vaccine plans

With the COVID-19 vaccine in sight, some LGUs are starting to begin procurement and pre-registration procedures for their cities

Buy second hand furniture items new year nolisoliph
New Year shouldn’t always mean buying “new” things

While there are items you should *definitely* buy brand new, sometimes buying second hand is far better

2020 in review: Social issues we may have forgotten, but shouldn’t

Yes, all these things happened in the last year. Yes, we need a drink

Nolisoli best of 2020: 10 food delivery spots that made life a bit better

Food saved 2020, and these 10 restaurants prove just how true that is (in no particular order)

David Medalla passes away kinetic art header inquirer lifestyle nolisoliph
Avant-garde artist and London Biennale founder David Medalla has passed away

David Medalla was a Filipino kinetic artist whose works have been featured in museums and exhibitions around the world

COVID-19 vaccine philippines AFP FDA roque header image nolisoliph.jpg
Some people in government have gotten their COVID-19 shots, even when the FDA has yet to approve the vaccine

According to Harry Roque, it’s not okay to sell the vaccine, but it’s *completely* fine to receive it. Awesome! Wow!

Tiger Sugar now has ice cream and popcorn. Here’s where you can get some online

Dear ice cream lovers, Frozen MNL is about to make your holiday season even jollier