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Filipino languages, dialects, and a sense of identity

Languages and dialects are sometimes confused with one another—especially in a country as diverse as ours

Make apple chips and dried herbs at home with your microwave

Your microwave is more talented than you think

Mark your calendars, ArteFino is back IRL for a five-week run

Pack your reusable shopping bags because one of Manila’s premier lifestyle shopping fairs is finally (physically) back

Black garlic is now the ‘it’ condiment, and you can make it at home

Black garlic is garlic confit’s richer, sweeter, and more complex cousin. All you need to make it is a rice cooker—and a lot of patience

Inflation is real, but you can still save money with these budgeting methods

When it comes to saving money, we’re usually our own worst enemies—aside from inflation and the economy, of course

Night owls, here’s where you can grab a bite past midnight

Being hungry and awake at an ungodly hour is a universal experience. Luckily, these restaurants can satisfy your appetite

No, history is not up for debate

No matter how many sides there are to the story, the facts—and the truth—will always remain the same

Live out your brunch fantasies at these new cafes and restaurants

Brunch is the holy grail of combination meals, and these new cafes and restaurants have turned it into an artform

Makati’s Silverlens Gallery has a new space—in New York City

Silverlens Gallery’s latest address is a step forward for diversity and representation in the art community—especially for Southeast Asian and Asian Diasporic voices

Okra, ampalaya, and other vegetables you can turn into chips and snacks

The healthy snacking options you can find in stores are expensive. For the same price, you get twice the amount if you make it yourself at home