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Flourless chocolate cake from the series Nolisoli Comfort Kitchen
Out of flour? These dessert recipes don’t need it

Many terrible things happened at the onset of the pandemic. Aside from the obvious, one of them was The Great Flour Shortage of 2020

A woman's hand on top of the sheets while tucked into bed
Play these Filipino lullabies when you need an express ticket to dreamland

Sleep is a fickle, fickle master—but playing these Filipino lullabies in the background might just help you get some shuteye

A cream puff covered in melted chocolate on a black earthen plate and sprikled with nuts and colorful accoutrements courtesy of Hello Stranger Manila
You’ll have to fight for a box of these elusive treats from local bakers

Set your alarms, ready your browsers and make sure your internet connection is stable—because these goodies are gone in a flash

A photo of white macrame hanging planters with potted plant inside courtesy of Tatiana Cm on YouTube
Put these home DIY projects on your summer to-do list

While summer break is no longer a luxury we can afford, it’s still nice to take on a new DIY project to greet the season

A photo of white wine sangria with apples, strawberry and lemons in a carafe and two glasses. Photo by Pauline Miranda for Nolisoli
Try these Nolisoli-approved cocktails to beat the summer heat

As popular wisdom goes, it’s happy hour somewhere—and the Nolisoli team has a few cocktails we think you should try

Raya and the Last Dragon Watch Kids header nolisoliph
If you don’t want to watch ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ at least let your kids see it

As visual learners, kids seeing characters that look like them as the heroes on screen can open up a world of possibilities

Unsung Filipina Heroes Heroines header nolisoliph
Sharpshooters and spies: The unsung Filipina heroes of war

What does a nun in training, a movie star and a journalist have in common? They were all women who fought in the historical wars of the Philippines

Here’s a list of required reading—written by women—for National Women’s Month

From the heroines of the Hukbalahap to a ladies in their twilight years, reading these stories about women is the perfect way to celebrate March

Breakfast inspired treats cereal milk buns header nolisoliph
Have breakfast for dessert with these almusal-inspired treats

The flavors of breakfast aren’t time-bound, and these desserts made by local bakers prove it

This local restaurant was awarded by the Thai government for serving authentic Thai eats

Determining the authenticity of cuisine is blurry, but Samyan’s award from the Thai government leaves no room for debate