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Relearning one’s sense of place with filmmaker Shireen Seno

The filmmaker shares her path to self-discovery through learning about the in-betweens of being Filipino.

What’s designer Patis Tesoro doing in Laguna? Gardening and refurbishing old Filipino houses

From San Juan to San Pablo: How designer Patis Tesoro built her ideal home around art, nature, and dogs

nolisoli agimat bar poblacion
Agimat makes drinks with ingredients from your lola’s pantry

In the almost outskirts of Poblacion, beyond the cramped crowds and establishments, and into the…

nolisoli feli atienza profile
How Felicia Atienza treads a conscious path to conservation

It is a typical chaotic day in Manila: cars rushing and weaving through the roads,…

For entrepreneur Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, there’s no business better than motherhood

Clad in all white, she emerges from the front door, immediately apologizing for the mess…

Dasol is a town that lives on salt

Home to 10,000 salt beds, the town puts environmental protection as their top priority

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We’ve uncovered the secret to long life

How long do you stay outdoors? Civilization transformed the nomadic life to a more sedentary…

nolisoli be profile julia nebrija mmda pasig river
Pasig River may be the solution to Manila’s traffic problem, says urban planner Julia Nebrija

MMDA’s Julia Nebrija says there will soon be improvements on the ferry service, reaching as far as Marikina and Laguna

A survival guide for this year’s Art in the Park

Before Art Fair Philippines, there was Art in the Park. Already on their 11th year,…

nolisoli maritime
Can the Philippines become the Mediterranean of Asia?

Way before the Spaniards colonized Philippine shores, there was already an extensive use and construction…