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Mental health is about to be a bigger issue due to extreme heat

Aside from worrying about typhoons and our *literal* survival, mental health is another factor we have to consider amid the ongoing climate crisis

The environment is in danger and so are we, says UN report on climate change

“The alarm bells are deafening. This report must sound a death knell for coal and fossil fuels, before they destroy our planet,” said UN secretary-general António Guterres

The Masungi shooting: Our environment is in danger, and so are its defenders

Last week, two of Masungi Georeserve’s rangers were shot by unidentified assailants. It’s terrifying, but not surprising

typhoon natural disasters
Let’s stop calling recent disasters ‘natural’ because they’re not

The disasters hitting us may originally be forces of nature, but we had a role in making them even more catastrophic

typhoon ulysses climate change
Note to self: Stop getting gaslighted about climate change

There’s nothing more ironic than using the term “gaslight” when it comes to describing how…

PH could face storms stronger than Yolanda if global heating persists —UN report

Essayist Zadie Smith writing about climate change said, “There is the scientific and ideological language…

climate change
Climate change is directly sabotaging efforts to end poverty, says UN report

Last Jul. 9, the United Nations took stock of the current trajectory of the its…

Not convinced about climate change? Watch this documentary

For years, environmental advocates and scientists have been warning everyone that climate change is the…

You have a voice in a global environmental pact in 2020

You probably know by now that climate change isn’t a myth. If you don’t believe…

2018 was Earth’s 4th hottest year on record, study finds

Hot issues gripped the world in 2018, locally and globally. There was the Boracay closure,…