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What should be in your flood survival kit

What should be in your flood survival kit

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

We’ve been having rainy afternoons and evenings, and it won’t be long until the typhoon-after-typhoon season. The latest tropical storm called Emong just got out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility yesterday, but southwest monsoon or hanging habagat will continue to disturb the country and our plans for the day.

If your office or university is terribly located in a flood-prone area and you don’t dismiss the idea that someday you’ll get stranded for some time there, it’s best to prepare for it now. Take preventive measures.

Here are some things that should be in your emergency kit in case you get stranded:

Food stash and bottled water

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

You can’t always get a delivery from a fast food place, so keep a stash of food and bottled water. Stock up on easy-open canned items that you can keep for a long time and will require minimal preparation. Check for expiry dates. Also keep in mind that salty and savory food make you thirsty so try to avoid them.

Don’t forget to replenish immediately once you’ve consumed some of them.

First aid kit

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

Basic first aid kit will do: Band-Aids, gauze, elastic wrap bandages, cotton balls, alcohol, a pair of scissors, safety pins, adhesive tape, ice pack, anti-allergy meds, antibiotics, and antacids.

Phone charger and power bank

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

Our mobile phones are not just vanities anymore. Keep your batteries full so you can get updates from family and friends about the situation, or if you have access, go online for reliable sources.

Save the hotline of the nearest police or fire station in your phone too, in case the circumstance gets out of hand.

Clothes and toiletries

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

You may not get wet during your stay but you’ll regret if you didn’t include clothes and toiletries in your kit. Aside from extra tops and pants, pack thermal wear and underwear also. Also secure sanitary napkins a space in your bag in addition to soap, toothpaste, and tissue paper.

Flashlight and whistle

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

As we want to conserve our phone batteries, bring a flashlight and extra batteries to help you move in the night, especially if the power is out. Also include candles, waterproof matches, and a whistle in case of a next level misfortune.

Boots, raincoat, umbrella

nolisoli care rainy day emergency kit

If you don’t really want to get stranded or already think it’s already safe to go outside and brave the rain and flood, equip yourself with knee-high rubber boots, a raincoat or/and an umbrella. Make sure that they are durable enough to stay with you through thick and thin.


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