Jul 21, 2017

From being a handy coffee brewer with a cult following to becoming the star product of a worldwide coffee-making competition, the AeroPress has made its mark here and abroad.

Proof of this is the Philippine AeroPress Championships (PHAC), which is now on its fourth year. PHAC serves as the country’s qualifying event for the World AeroPress Championships (WAC), an international event that was initially created to showcase the AeroPress as a go-to portable coffee brewing device that produces a mean cuppa joe. WAC was first held in Norway in 2008. Since then, it has brought together 50 countries—all of which hold national events that serve as qualifying rounds for WAC.

In 2014, the first Filipino representative was sent to Italy to compete in the WAC. The next year, the Philippines placed third at the 2015 WAC held in Seattle. This time around, PHAC gathers 60 participants—the highest number of competitors the event has seen so far. Out of this 60, only one will be named the country’s official representative to the 2017 WAC, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea in November.

Co-hosted by local specialty coffee hubs Yardstick and Habitual Coffee, the 2017 PHAC will be happening tomorrow at the EDSA Beverage Design Studio. Judges from respected coffee institutions will be coming over to decide who among the contestants is worthy of competing at the 2017 WAC. The panel of judges includes Adrian Khong (Jewel Coffee, Singapore), Amy Wong (MTC, Hong Kong), Jonathan Choi (Exchange Alley Coffee House), Kevin Tang (Yardstick Coffee), Leon Foo (Papa Palheta, Singapore), Matt McLauchlan (Common Man Coffee Roasters, Singapore), Raymond So (El Kapitan Food Enterprise), Sean Lee (Plain Sight Coffee Roasters), and Thomas Sproten (Coffee Culture Roastery).

nolisoliph phac poster

Year in and year out, PHAC is where industry movers and coffee enthusiasts converge to learn about the latest coffee trends. If you share this love for the brew, head on over to the 2017 PHAC—everybody’s welcome! Aside from kick-ass coffee-making moves, there’ll be good food and awesome coffee concoctions.

For first-timers who are looking expand their coffee know-how, here’s the lowdown on the AeroPress:

  • The AeroPress is a portable coffee-making device that shortens the brewing process to 20-40 seconds. If you’ve mastered making coffee via AeroPress, you should be able to enjoy your coffee in under two minutes. Take it from the AeroPress website: only “one minute from start to enjoy.”
  • Because of the shorter brew time, coffee that is made via AeroPress has lower acid levels. This makes the final product friendlier to the those with sensitive tummies.
  • AeroPress micro-filters coffee grounds, which means you end up with practically grit-free coffee (if you do it right, that is.)
  • AeroPress has different parts that are easily assembled. Most of the device is made of polypropylene. No BPA or phthalates here, folks.
  • Some swear that coffee brewed via AeroPress is significantly less bitter than coffee made through longer brewing methods. The result: smoother, richer brew.

Intrigued? I guess you’ll have to try for yourselves to taste the difference.


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