You can put beer in kombucha at this Mediterranean resto

Kite Kebab Bar will show you how


There’s a crapload of things we’re stressing over right now aside from our jobs and personal lives—what the National Day of Protest on Sept. 21 could entail, how fraternities in a Catholic university still do hazing, and how the majority of our lawmakers in the congress thinks human rights only costs P1,000. We’re not the main players in these issues, but they’re real, they’re toxic, they’re affecting us, and they’ll affect future generations.

While we’re allowed to be angry at these things, all we need to cool down is a de-stress session with grilled food and some booze (or maybe a lot of booze).

Now we can trust Kian Kazemi of Persia Grill to provide us with that much-needed break in his bar in Poblacion, Kite Kebab Bar.

nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Kazemi gave that wall to his brother’s classmate to paint his own ideas on. He believes in collaboration and that the formula to a visionary life is the people you meet plus the things you could create together.

After 10 years of managing Persia Grill, his more commercially-known business, he had decided to finally push a passion project through where he can put all his creative juices alone. Thus, Kite was born.

“I wanted a creative challenge and freedom to express myself without the board members,” says Kazemi. The board members are his parents and brothers. “I wanted to do something where it’s strictly my style and my idea. I wanted to make my own mistakes and take care of them.”

nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Kazemi did all the renovations himself. “I’m my own interior designer. It really is a labor of love, my own vision that has come to life,” he says.

And he chose Poblacion as the home of his brainchild for a good reason. As a frequent visitor to the neighborhood years ago, when it wasn’t as popular as it is now, Kazemi says he already saw its potential to boom. While drinking and talking to a friend at Señor Pollo one night in 2015, he shared how the spot in front of the Latin American place is perfect for a bar.

“I was just being kind, sharing my dreams with a friend. To my surprise, she replied, ‘My dad owns that house,’” says Kazemi. What used to be a house with a water station in front and a garage at its side is now Kite. And that’s when the four-to-five-month of courtship with her parents for that particular spot began.

nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Baba Ganoush with Pita Bread is the perfect starter to a Mediterranean food trip—its light, smoky flavor (from the roasted eggplant) balanced with olive oil.
nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Get a bit of most things on their extensive menu with this Shawarma Trio rice plate.

According to Kazemi, Kite’s menu is a spin-off of all his favorite Mediterranean street food. He flipped the recipes and came up with these savory items. Start with their smokey baba ghanoush, a dip made of roasted eggplant, olive oil, and tahini from sesame seeds, paired with pita bread to warm your palate up for a Mediterranean food trip.

For a value meal-kind of thing, try their Shawarma + Falafel + Turmeric Trio rice plate and create your own combo. We had beef shawarma, chicken shawarma, and falafels (perfect for vegans) to eat with the turmeric rice and veggies, and boy, did they satisfy my craving for something grilled and savory.

nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
For a more exotic option, try this LTO, as in the liver, tomato, and onions. Perfect for pulutan.
nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Classic and spicy herb kebab made of premium ground beef with hot sauce and tahini.

You can’t go to a Mediterranean street food bar without eating a kebab. I was expecting their spicy kebab to be hot as Mediterranean cuisine is known to maximize the potential of their herbs and spices, but surprisingly, it’s not that spicy. Pair them with grilled tomato and onions for more burst of flavors.

Still have pita bread? Get creative by putting a slice of kebab on top of it and then dip in baba ganoush.

nolisoli eats restaurant kite kebab bar
Tabouli is a salad made of parsley, wheat burgul, tomato, onions, olive oil, and lemon.

To cleanse the palate every once in a while, their Tabouli salad does the job. It’s also high in fiber, thanks to wheat burgul.

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They offer almost all kinds of drinks—local beers, single malt, wines, you name it, they probably have it. But for something different, they have Kite Beer, which is mixed with lemon-infused kombucha. Think of it as beer but better. It has hints of sweetness and a healthy dose of probiotics. What’s not to like?

So when you feel like you’ve had enough internet and news for the day, grab a Kite Beer and order some bar chow. “Every thing in every corner is well-thought of. The interiors are not kind of robotic. Sariling sikap and it’s rewarding. And people feel it when they go in,” says Kazemi.

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