Feb 15, 2018

Would you believe that you can die from sitting too much? It’s true. A study from the American Medical Association finds that 6% of global deaths are caused by physical inactivity. This inactivity is often associated with watching television, surfing online, and playing around with your smartphone. And guess what your stance usually is while doing all of those things? That’s right, your bum is happily sitting down.

The same study also reveals that “high volumes of sitting time have possible associations with increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.” Of course, it adds a caveat that more studies are needed to back-up these findings, but are you willing to risk it?

The Stance standing desk is wide and strong enough to carry your laptop plus a heavy book, or a big personal computer

On average, Filipinos spend over eight hours a day sitting behind a desk while working. I’ve been sitting down for over ten hours as I write this very sentence. See, still sitting down. Aside from the aforementioned, this extended period of inactivity can also cause back problems and feelings of sluggishness at work. Not to mention, it makes you feel like your hips or back are growing wider as the seconds tick by.

It’s because of these negative effects that medical professionals recommend standing breaks. Or better yet, just get a standing desk. There’s one available in the Philippines now.

This desk has a sleek look and smart design.

Stance Philippines offers an adjustable standing desk that you can easily attach to your office desk. This brand believes “standing desks are the easiest way to integrate health and productivity into any professional working lifestyle.” Fair enough, if you’re the workaholic type who wants to indulge in standing breaks without the actual “break,” this is a good compromise.

You can use it sitting down. Then, when you feel the need to stretch a little and change your positions while writing an article promoting a certain product (just for example), you just press the lever on the side of the desk and up you and your computer go. Their version of the standing desk is also compact and sleek. It’s not an eyesore or a bother to your working space.

We’ve yet to try the product, but we’d like to know. Would you be open to giving this invention a try?  You can contact them through [email protected] or shoot them a text in this number 0917-8877387

Photos courtesy of Stance


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