Feb 28, 2018

One night, I was applying Embryolisse cream on my face when I realized that I’m neglecting one part of my face: my eyebrows.

Growing up, I’ve always received praises for my unruly yet nicely-shaped brows. My grandmother said she would have loved to groom my brows because of their nice shape. However, I thought my unibrow was too thick. So, I tried shaving the tiny little hairs in between my brows and those that looked out of place. But now, I feel the need to care for my brows so they’ll grow and be fuller like Lennon Gallagher’s—or is that too much?

Lennon Gallagher. Photo courtesy of Farfetch.

Although brows do not necessarily change the shape of your face, it can affect how people view you and help you protect your vision as well. While grooming your brows is part of brow care, don’t just stop there. Here are some ways to keep your brows healthy.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

When we exfoliate, we often go through the nose, cheeks, and forehead. But because we’re brought up to avoid the eyes, we skip the brow area—it’s a big no-no. Underneath our brows is skin and, much like other parts of our body with skin, dead skin cells can easily accumulate. In return, the dead skin cells might clog hair follicles and slow hair growth.

Zendaya’s brow specialist Kelley Baker told Allure that those who want to avoid ingrown hair as well as grow their brows must exfoliate. The ideal frequency of exfoliating your brows is twice a week, but make sure to prevent rubbing your sensitive eyelids.

Don’t overdo grooming

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

In an article, Teen Vogue enumerated how eyebrow grooming should be done. First, don’t wax as the eyebrow area is too small and delicate. Threading and tweezing are better options for manicured brows, but let an expert do it. Then, don’t pluck your brows when you’re trying to grow it out. But if you really must, don’t overdo it.

Use oils or serums

Benefit Browvo, available at Sephora

Just like your under eye, there are special serums and products created to strengthen and help brows grow better. Products like Benefit’s Browvo serum achieves fuller brows. If you prefer something from your roster of oils, use castor, argan, or coconut oil to keep hair follicles moisturized. Don’t use too much though unless you want oil running down your eyes. Then, massage your brows after to reach the skin beneath.

Get some rest

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

As usual, too much stress does not contribute anything good to our bodies including the brows. According to Ellen Marmur, stress and change in diet can affect hair growth. So after putting on some oil or serum on your brows, sleep well.

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