Mar 2, 2018

Plant lovers always have this moment in life in which they come across a beautiful plant they’d want to remember forever but can’t because of a lack of knowledge to identify the species. This is totally me.

There was this time when I stumbled upon a huge orchid and when I asked the peddler its name, she simply said it’s a “wild orchid.” I still bought it. As soon as I got home, I Googled “orchid with big pseudobulbs that look like oncidium.” And, turns out, it was a Grammatophyllum. But what if you come across plants that are hard to describe in words? Well, Plantsnap is the answer.

Plantsnap is an app that accurately identifies plants through photos. Unlike forums and other plant identification apps, Plantsnap names the species in an instant through artificial intelligence. According to its creators, the app can identify about 90 percent of known plant species in the world. As users submit their photographs for identification, the app also learns to recognize more.

While this looks like a promising app in times of need (e.g. foraging for edible plants in the forest), Plantsnap only works when connected to the internet. In case you don’t have internet access, simply save the photo and upload it on the app once connected.

This app isn’t only useful for hikers, but plant parents can also use this to care for their babies properly. Before you purchase an unknown plant, use this to check its identity and cultural requirements. That way, you can keep your plant happy and healthy.

Header image courtesy of Unsplash

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