Apr 27, 2018

Job hunters used to browse the classified ads section of broadsheets when looking for employment. It can get troublesome as that newspaper section is a hodgepodge of different advertisements—from items that are for sale to services to jobs.

But now, thanks to the internet, there are websites that specifically cater to employers and applicants alike. Here are the top websites that deal specifically with employment and careers in the country:


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

Jobstreet is most probably the first website job hunters head to nowadays. Aside from its comprehensive job listings that are easy to navigate, it also sends alerts about matched job positions and recommendations via e-mail. It also processes the recruitment process on the site.


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

LinkedIn is mainly used for professional networking (it has a news feed!) wherein users are advised to polish their profiles as they also serve as their CVs or curriculum vitae. With its professional looking user interface, it’s also a great avenue for job seekers and employers.


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

The Wall Street Journal listed Kalibrr in their “Five Filipino Tech Startups to Watch” list three years ago. Like LinkedIn, it also “makes resume obsolete” by asking users to refine their profiles so employers could find the best candidate for their job vacancies. Their algorithm also matches users’ skills to what the employers’ seek for.


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

CareerJet is an accessible and simple employment search engine with a straightforward interface. Users can easily browse for job listings by industry and/or by location from job boards, recruitment agency websites, and large specialist recruitment sites.


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

Raket is a directory of professionals, most especially freelancers, in the country, as well as a search engine for them. This is where freelancers and clients directly communicate and arrange deals.




nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

Although Glassdoor looks like more of an international outsourcing employment website, a lot of local companies look for job seekers here as well and vice versa.


nolisoli jobhunting websites jobs employment

As far as I know, Trabaho is the OG employment website in the Philippines, one of the earliest. If you go to their website now, I know you’d agree—the interface looks outdated, not very 2018. But of course, it still gets the job done.


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