Apr 27, 2018

In celebration of the upcoming Labor Day, we asked the folks around our office two simple questions: Did they have a dream job growing up? If that dream job was different from the one they’re doing today, what made them change their mind along the way? With a whole lot of creatives as our co-workers, the answers were both curious and hilarious. Here’s what they had to say.


Pauline Miranda, Associate Managing Editor for Nolisoli.PH
Dream Job: Teacher, Nun

“Growing up surrounded by women with these nurturing types of jobs, I guess I also sort of wanted to be like them. Looking back, I don’t think I was particularly drawn to the technical aspect of their work. I think I just admired the people who just happened to have these jobs. But thinking about it, maybe what I’m doing right now isn’t too far from what they do. I mean, I’m single like a nun, I do end up teaching/mentoring younger colleagues as an editor

But i also ventured into writing/journ[alism] in high school when I joined the school publication. When I got good feedback on my work, I thought maybe I could make a career out of it.”


Yazhmin Malajito, Editorial Assistant for Nolisoli.PH and the Northern and Southern Living Magazines
Dream Job: Toll Gate Cashier

“I wanted to be a cashier [lady]. Mas ok kung cashier sa toll gates. Then, I found out na pwede na yung writing ko since nagcocompete ako nun sa campus [journalism]. Then, nag-stick na lang ako sa kung anong alam kong kaya kong gawin. Yun, journalism.”



Bea Llagas, Editorial Assistant for Nolisoli.PH
Dream Job: Architect, Teacher, Fashion Designer

“I wanted to be so many things when I was young–an architect, a teacher, a fashion designer. Then as I got older, I realized that all of those jobs had one primary goal: to create. I guess my fervor to create eventually translated into writing and making videos. But I still dream of pursuing the latter.”


Anthea Reyes, Editorial Assistant for Nolisoli.PH and the Northern and Southern Living Magazines
Dream Job: Singer, Painter

“My dream jobs came in phases, but two things I never stopped wanting to be were to be a painter and a singer. I still sing, I still draw. Becoming a visual artist is still something I plan do later in life. But writing, it came as an unexpected surprise.

I was a big reader growing up, but I never imagined myself to be a writer. Somewhere along the way, someone enlightened me to the fact that I had a way with words and with creating worlds. So, I studied writing fiction in college. Today, I write people’s stories for a living and make-up more stories as a hobby.”


Jess Alberto, Editorial Assistant for Nolisoli.PH and the Northern and Southern Living Magazines
Dream Job: Butcher

“I wanted to be a butcher after watching an episode of Hey Arnold where Harold starts working for the local butcher shop. LOL, is that too grotesque?

I wanted to sound smart (pretentious) so I learned nice vocab and people just started telling me I should write. So, I wrote.”



Samantha Ong, Staff Photographer
Dream Job: Astronomer, Pop Star

“My first dream job was to be an astronomer. As a kid, I was fascinated with planets, galaxies, and constellations and I would memorize random facts about them. [Then] I realized that you had to be good at science to be an astronomer, which, unfortunately, I wasn’t. So I decided to be a popstar instead. Just kidding! That didn’t work out too… hahaha!

I decided to go into photo and video because of a graphic design/arts club I joined in grade school. I’ve been making videos and taking photos [ever since]”


Jackie Arias, Editorial Assistant for Preen.PH
Dream Job: Doctor

“I wanted to be a doctor. I didn’t know why, maybe because it was the typical thing that kids would say and I loved playing doctor as a kid. I even enjoyed playing surgery games on the PC. [But then], I realized I was scared of blood (LOL). Plus, I fell in love with writing when my teachers and classmates made me join essay writing contests in school. So, I studied it in college and later ended up writing for Preen.”


Bea Ledesma, Group Publisher for HInge Inquirer Publications
Dream Job: Cashier

“Cashier. My mom bought me a cash register and I’d sell “merch” from the house to family members.”


Photos courtesy of Unsplash.com


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