May 10, 2018

Saving money in 2018 is either easy or hard—there’s no in-between. But if anything, it should be easier because you have all the tools and guidance you’ll need for free on the world wide web.

The key is to spend smart. Just because there’s a sale happening doesn’t mean you get a free pass on buying everything that strikes your fancy. We listed the three things you need to stop spending money on because you simply do not need them. If you can tweak your spending habits just a wee bit, you’ll get your savings account up and running in no time.

Beauty products


You know this was going to be on the list. If you take a look at your makeup drawer, just how many lipsticks do you have in the same shade? And for skincare, just hop on over at Pinterest or YouTube to see hundreds of tutorials on how to make different face masks, body scrubs, and the like.

Gym memberships


Just how committed are you in getting that fit physique you’ve always dreamed of? If you want to save money, better put that gym application on hold. Again, there are a ton of cheap resources online. YouTube channels like Tone it Up, Blogilates, and Fitness Blender all offer free workouts which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Unnecessary bank fees


Your ATM transactions that don’t belong to your bank are definitely racking up unnecessary transaction fees. To avoid this, make sure to plan ahead. Another idea is to open an online-only savings account. Personally, I find this really helpful because it curbs my extra spending. If the thought of not having a face-to-face encounter with a bank personnel doesn’t bother you, then I suggest you take up on my offer of opening an online savings account.

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