Aug 24, 2018

We’re not the only ones with a new food show (by the way, watch our latest episode here. It’s a romp)

Vox Media’s food and dining network is coming up with Halo Halo, a show all about Filipino food in the U.S. The host, Francesca Manto, is herself Filipino-American, and the show will present Filipino food in a way that’s more accurate and sensitive compared to how it’s usually presented in American media. Speaking of those puff-pieces that talk about Filipino food becoming “the next big thing,” she says, “The people who make those trend statements aren’t Filipino. It’s vital that it be represented by Filipinos who grew up with the culture, and want to represent it.”

Apart from the food itself, the show will also tackle themes like culture and identity, like how Filipinos in areas where there aren’t large Filipino communities still find their “home through food,” and how Filipino food has evolved and where it can go.

The first episode features the husband and wife team of Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan of Purple Yam fame (incidentally, we featured Amy Besa on here before, and she discussed about bringing Purple Yam to Manila). Since Purple Yam is known for its adobo, the episode talks about the dish and how it both brings together and differentiates the Philippines’ over 7000 islands.

Featured photo courtesy of Francesca’s Twitter account.

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