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Sleep faster with these apps

Sleep faster with these apps

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How often do you see someone tweeting “can’t sleep” at 1 a.m.? It’s pretty uncommon to stumble upon at least one user expressing his/her wish to sleep. Who can blame them? The struggle of tossing and turning in bed, forcing yourself to doze off while being constantly disturbed with random thoughts is too real.

In fact, a previous Healthy Living Index report revealed that Filipinos are among the most sleep deprived bunch in the region, getting an average of only 6.8 hours of sleep per night. Luckily for us, technology has yet again made a way to help those who suffer from insomnia through means of listening. Listening to calming sounds actually keep you distracted from the thoughts that keep you awake, which helps a lot in dozing off faster. Without further ado, here’s a list of proven apps that help you drift off to sleep in an instant.



Calm is a meditation app that helps you relax through means of sleep stories (stories narrated in a soothing way) and nature sounds. Podcast programs on the basics of meditation, ways to calm anxiety, and many others are also available in the app, though some come with a fee or premium subscription. Don’t fret, the features that come with the free version are enough to help you get some shuteye peacefully.

Calm is available in the App Store and Google Play.




Similar to Calm, Slumber also offers sleep stories (in this case, dream stories) and relaxing soundscapes. The difference is that Slumber allows you to customize the background effects of the material you’re listening to. Say you’re listening to a dream story about deep diving, you can tune up the sounds of the rain or crackling fire while keeping the music and sounds of the ocean low, whatever suits you best.

Slumber is available in the App Store.




This may not come as common knowledge but Spotify isn’t just for music. The music-streaming app also houses a wide variety of spoken playlists from audiobooks to poems or even guided meditation. If nature sounds like gentle rains or rivers are to your liking, Spotify has a lot of that in their collection too.

Spotify is available in the App Store and Google Play.


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