Jun 20, 2019

Here’s a sad truth: No matter how careful you are, road accidents are still likely to happen, even if you cross at the right pedestrian lane or footbridge (as… “functional” as those might be. Read: Taxpayers deserve more than failed infrastructure projects )

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Status Report on Road Safety in 2018 states that an estimated 1.35 million deaths are caused by road traffic. In the country, WHO pegged the number of road fatalities to 12,690—in 2016.

But let’s be real—even without these stats, you can easily see how risky it is to be on the road, especially in Manila. As a driver, you have to be wary about pedestrians, about randomly-overtaking motorists and other vehicles like jeeps and buses, among many other factors. Pedestrians and commuters on the other hand have to watch out for inconsiderate or over-speeding vehicles, especially those who don’t follow traffic rules. (I seriously don’t understand why stopping at pedestrian lanes seem to be an impossible thing for some cars.)

Luckily, there’s an app to make keeping safe on the road a little easier. Called Croxtec, this map-based app alerts users if there are any potential threats to their road safety according to personalized settings.

Your chosen persona will let the app tailor fit the safety settings better
The app notifies users about the safety of their location
The app is powered by Google Maps, which ensures accurate views of the streets

You can set whether you’re a pedestrian or driver, and even adjust your safety range, from something as close as 200 meters to as far as 600 meters.


The app is currently only available in the Google Play Store for free.


App screenshots from Croxtec.

Header image courtesy of Wander Fleur on Unsplash. Latest stories image courtesy of Zamirul Roslan on Unsplash.

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