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Plant-based KFC fried chicken is a thing now

Plant-based KFC fried chicken is a thing now


I love fried chicken. I love it so much my dad used to call me “Chickenjoy” as a child and I get buckets of fried chicken instead of a cake on my birthday. As much as I love it though, I know it’s not a great food option health-wise and it’s not so gravy for the environment, either. (Poultry production everywhere creates a lot of environmental waste)

That’s why KFC’s new line of plant-based fried chicken is so exciting. Partnering with LA-based meat substitutes producer Beyond Meat, the fast food joint is releasing a line called “Beyond Fried Chicken.” This new meatless option will be having a test run at an Atlanta outlet, and will come in either nugget or wings form. No word yet if they will be rolling it over to the international market if the test run is successful.

Beyond Fried Chicken is the first of its kind. Sure, we’ve seen restaurants come up with plant-based replacements of meat dishes before, but we haven’t ever seen big international fast food chains like KFC do anything like it.

If anything, I’m excited for the future of Beyond Fried Chicken. Here’s to hoping we’ll be seeing it on our shores, and it won’t appear as sporadically as the McRib.


Featured photo courtesy of KFC

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