lagundi pizza with bougainvillea
This plant-based pizza has lagundi leaves and bougainvillea flowers—yes, it’s edible

Quezon City-based kitchen Terra Bomba makes sattvik (pure vegetarian) pizza decorated with edible flowers and herbs

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Where to buy plant-based burgers that are not from fast food chains

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Looking for vegan options for ice cream? Here’s a list

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LIST: Plant-based cheeses that taste like the real thing

After beef and lamb, cheese has the highest gas emission in food. Is it time we switch to plant-based cheese?

Coconut yogurt, a dairy-free option for the lactose intolerant and eco-conscious

Thrive & Co. and NiYog are two local brands fermenting coconut milk-based yogurt towards a dairy-free future

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Cheese is it: This place has all sorts of vegan cheese for pizza and pasta enthusiasts

Vegan mozzarella, feta and cream cheese—you name it, and Go! Salads’ new brand Plant Creamery has it

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A vegan’s guide to baking ingredient substitutes

Did you know that you can use chia seeds in lieu of egg?

unmeat plant-based burger patties
These ready-to-cook plant-based burger patties are available for P135 online

UnMeat’s burger patties are made with soy protein instead of beef

plant-based lechon
Up next on the plant-based food trend: Lechon

A local entrepreneur may have just made our dreams come true this Christmas. After months…