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Tortilla wrap recipes are taking over TikTok. Here are some of our favorites

Tortilla wrap recipes are taking over TikTok. Here are some of our favorites

  • A mess-free food hack that works with virtually anything in your kitchen—what more can we ask for?

Take a flour tortilla, cut a slit halfway in the middle, and place an ingredient of your choice in each quadrant. Fold it up to form a triangle-shaped wrap and toast using a sandwich press or a griddle.

If you followed the steps I just listed above, congratulations! You’ve just tried your hand at the tortilla wrap hack that’s been finding its way to everyone’s TikTok feed. Thanks to its versatility, people have taken to social media to share all kinds of quesadilla-esque creations—from sweet dessert re-creations to folded-up versions of savory dishes.

Since we’re not about to let an easy, mess-free food hack pass us by, we’ve put together a list of all the tortilla wrap recipes we can’t wait to try in our own kitchen.

Meet the charcute-wrap


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♬ I’m So Pretty – chunkymonkeeyy

We love our charcuterie boards, we love our small jarcuteries, but today we raise you: tortilla charcuteries. For this particular snack, simply put together the leftovers from your last cheese board (this particular recipe uses brie, dressed arugula, prosciutto and apple slices), fold it up and grill to melt the cheese.

Spicy noodle tortilla


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♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) – Dua Lipa

Just in case you thought we were kidding about the versatility of this hack, here’s proof that it works with everything—including noodles. Prepare your mi goreng noodles as you normally would, and place it on one quadrant. Place fried egg, mozzarella cheese and chili mayo on the other quadrants, fold it up and toast on medium heat.

No tortilla wrap? Use lettuce


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♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

If you don’t have tortilla wraps on hand, you can always use alternatives— like giant lettuce leaves. This plant-based take on the tortilla hack uses tomatoes, kale pesto and tofu, sauteed mushrooms and basil leaves in each side, folded as you would a tortilla.

Spring rolls? No, spring wrap


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♬ Pennies From Heaven – Louis Prima

This tortilla wrap hack even gives you an alternative to preparing dishes you might be struggling with—like rolling up a spring roll. All you have to do is take your freshly-dipped rice paper and cut a slit halfway, place vermicelli noodles, sliced beef, julienned lettuce, carrots and cucumber, as well as hoisin sauce in each quadrant and fold.

Spam tortilla wrap


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♬ original sound – andres.abenante

A spam musubi, all rolled up and ready to eat sounds nice—but what if we told you there’s a way for you to fold that up too? This recipe takes fried spam slices, rice, avocado slices and a sunny side up egg—all neatly folded up in a sheet of nori. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.