celine murillo tiktok philipine native trees
Even environmentalist and TikToker Celine Murillo is sometimes sad in the company of trees

“This work is both rewarding and heartbreaking [but] acknowledging and sitting with our emotions, even the unpleasant ones, is a form of resistance,” says the viral creator mainstreaming Philippine native trees

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This couple is helping preserve Filipino heritage cooking, one TikTok at a time

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Our latest favorite TikTok food trend? Butter boards

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Medicine Tiktok header medtok nolisoliph
Take a medical crash course (but not really) through medicine TikTok

If you like learning about medicine and having fun at the same time, let us introduce you to the black hole that is MedTok

tiktok mayo ramen
This TikTok hack changed the way I eat (instant) ramen

The best part is you can still get it done in less than five minutes

Is this ridiculously easy to make baked feta pasta from TikTok your lunch?

With its hassle-free recipe and basic ingredients, it might as well be

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