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Take a medical crash course (but not really) through medicine TikTok

Take a medical crash course (but not really) through medicine TikTok

  • If you like learning about medicine and having fun at the same time, let us introduce you to the black hole that is MedTok
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Literally everything is on the internet these days. Including doctors. While the platform mostly caters to dance challenges and cooking,  TikTok has become an entertaining and educational resource for people who are on the app. 

From doctors doing dance challenges while reciting medical facts to “get ready with me”-style videos of nurses suiting up for a day in the ER, it isn’t hard to get sucked into medical TikTok. The mix of Gen Z-esque energy with professional knowledge is making little known facts of being in medicine more accessible to everyone. And my god it is fun to watch.

While it’s best we leave the actual practicing of medicine stuff to the professionals, it doesn’t hurt to watch a few (or a lot) of their TikToks to learn something new (or you know, live vicariously through). 

For your education and entertainment, here are a few professionals on MedTok you should follow.

This is dedicated to my lelecturan from 8-9am later. Napuyat ako dito.😂 #backpain#AS#foryou#onlineclass#teacher#dancedoctor

♬ Ever After – Ceejay Laqui

Most of us are familiar with Dr. Geraldine “Ging” Zamora for—ehem—other reasons. But those other reasons don’t stop her from having a blast on TikTok. Aside from posting cute videos with her family, she mainly posts TikToks on medical topics like COVID-19 tips and stuff like back pain. Honestly, Dr. Ging is so much fun to follow on TikTok and you get the added bonus of learning something new whenever you watch one of her MedTok videos. 


Aside from being a board-certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Paola Cabrera also does skits that give us an inside look at what goes on in the ER. Aside from showing us what it’s like from an anesthesiologist’s perspective, she also answers questions on anesthesia-related topics, like if it’s safe to get knocked out while you’re giving birth via cesarean section (and according to her, the short answer is yes). 


If you’re a fan of process videos, this TikTok account is for you. Alley Alcantara is a registered medical technologist who brings us into her lab and shows us what goes on behind the scenes. A fan-favorite series she does is when she takes samples to the lab and goes through the testing process, from getting the sample ready to viewing it under the microscope. It’s fascinating, and her background music choices are great. 


If your mom ever told you the reason behind your blurry vision is because your eyes are always glued to the screen, it’s time to introduce her to Dr. Vicky Chan. Dr. Chan is an ophthalmologist who loves debunking eye myths, like the impossibility of getting a contact lens stuck behind your eye. Her husband is also a doctor, and they make the cutest videos together.  


If you’re not scared of profanity and want to learn while laughing your face off, Stevie Ho is a nurse with an extremely popular TikTok series called Tips from the ER. He gives practical advice on what to do and what not to do when you get injured or sick. He has a ton of videos on emergencies like fainting, allergic reactions, burns, and other fun stuff. What he says is peppered in with a lot of words that are unsuited for polite company, so make sure you don’t watch it with your kids.

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