Dec 27, 2019

The holiday season truly is the perfect time to eat, drink, and be merry. Although we don’t really need an excuse to enjoy a good bottle of beer, the Christmas festivities certainly give us extra motivation to crack open a bottle with family and friends in order to keep our spirits (naturally) high.

The metro, in particular, is a good place to find a variety of beers because it’s easy to get our hands on them everywhere—from bars to supermarkets and convenience stores. If you’re having a hard time looking for the perfect bottle of beer, we’ve wrapped up a sweet list of beers that will surely be a hit for everyone on your guest list.


All Malt

For people who want to drink beers that are as smooth and sophisticated as their style, give them an all-malt. All malt beers are brewed entirely from barley malt and are made without adjuncts or additional fermentables. These result in a crisp, malty flavor and a distinct full-flavored smoothness, making it a good choice for family get-togethers.

We like the San Miguel Premium All-Malt for its smooth, refined flavor. That’s a refreshingly satisfying brew for everyone, even family members and relatives who sip instead of gulp.


Super Dry 

In the context of beers, “dry” refers to variants that have gone through a longer fermentation process, resulting in a strong drink that isn’t overpoweringly sweet or bitter but still retains the total joy and elegance of beer appreciation. The longer fermentation process also lessens the beers’ carbohydrate content compared to other full-strength beers, proving that dry doesn’t mean drab. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of a night out with friends, grab a bottle of San Miguel Super Dry. This beer is brewed with abundant choicest hops that give pleasant mild citrus tones and clean smooth bitterness. With the right bitterness and flavor, it gives off a crisp and refreshing finish rendering an elegant overall taste.


Cerveza Negra

If you have guests who are brave or adventurous, the Cerveza Negra might just be the beer that will get them going. This drink is made with roasted malt, which contributes to its dark color, and its full-bodied flavor. On top of all this, the Cerveza Negra also has a creamy, frothy head.

In our eyes, you can’t go wrong with San Miguel Beer’s own version of the dark beer. This pour is made with roasted pilsen malt resulting in a dense lager with rich caramel undertones, which can be enjoyed slowly and discerningly.

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