Jan 21, 2020

Following the aftermath of Taal Volcano’s eruption, Senator Francis Tolentino has filed a bill that hopes to improve the local government units’ (LGUs) preparation and response to natural disasters.

Senate Bill No. 1272, also known as the “Expanded Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Framework of 2020,” hopes to facilitate a more detailed coordination framework between LGUs when it comes to natural disaster response.

“The current framework does not cover a comprehensive action plan for LGUs with regard to evacuation and post-recovery operations, which should be at the heart of the country’s disaster response policy,” Tolentino explained in a statement.

The proposed bill hopes to create an inter-local government unit response mechanism, which includes the identification and creation of permanent evacuation centers, safe refuge zones, evacuation routes, and assembly points.

Aside from a response mechanism, the bill will also grant LGUs the power to occupy private or commercial buildings such as schools, shopping malls, and warehouses as evacuations and safe zones. The bill also aims to provide transportation and accommodation during evacuations for persons and animals. 

“The State must exert all efforts to address against calamities, both natural and man-made, to save not only lives of the citizens in disaster-stricken areas but that of the future generations,” Tolentino said.


Header image courtesy of Inquirer.net

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