Mar 10, 2020

The rich prepare differently amidst the coronavirus outbreak. A New York Times article recently enumerated the ways in which the people in upper classes are making the most of their money to avoid the virus literally at all costs.

There’s “Contagion” star and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow sporting a $69 to $99 “urban air mask” manufactured by a Swedish company. While the billionaires are readying emergency jets in case of an outbreak to go to their vacation houses and bunkers.

Meanwhile, we in the middle and back seats are advised to wash our hands frequently over two Happy Birthday songs, maintain at least a meter between each other, never mind the “mala-sardinas” condition during everyday commute.

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Alcohol and other hand sanitizing products are quickly selling out too along with surgical masks.

During a visit to the newly opened Aesop store at Greenbelt though, we chanced upon this innovation of a handwash. At the store’s entrance, one of three bottles you can try for free (yes) is a rinse-free (yes, you read that right) handwash from Aesop’s Resurrection line.

According to their website, this product which comes in 50 mL ($10) and 500 mL bottles ($50), is “a non-drying, alcohol-based formula with purifying and hydrating properties, to cleanse hands effectively when fresh water is unavailable.”

Apart from cleansing your hands, this handwash also has a woody, herbaceous smell. Its key ingredients, after all, are Mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas.

Would you buy this rinse-free handwash?


Header photo courtesy of Aesop Philippines

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