Aug 4, 2020

We’ve been on a roll about pastries and desserts recently, so we thought we’d also share with you a list of our latest bakery discoveries that offer unique and interesting flavors of donuts—aka one of our constant comfort foods. 

While some donut shops made it to our list of 25 dessert shops that offer delivery now, we’d like to give it a solo spotlight and help you expand your options, especially from small businesses. Without further ado, here’s a sweet selection of freshly-baked donuts that will tickle your tastebuds.

Peanut butter cup  (Milky Dust Donuts)

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This soft Korean-style filled donuts coated with “milky dust” will remind you of its chocolate confection namesake with its smooth and creamy peanut butter filling. However, if you’re looking for classic flavors, you might also want to try out their bestseller and literal Mega Star pick: The Vanilla Milk.

Matcha muscovado (Green Bar)

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This interesting take on the matcha flavor is among the gourmet, yeast-raised and deep-fried donut offerings of the vegan café Green Bar.

Taro (The Taste Of Czaczacza)

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The lovely pink color of this taro donut from the Marikina-based bakery is just the cherry on top of its unique and delectable flavor.

Cereal polvoron (Caden Handicrafted Donuts)

Order through their website or message 0917-8499523 on Viber or SMS

Take a bite of this soft donut with white chocolate frosting sprinkled with a cereal polvoron topping for a sweet, milky experience.

Hazelnut blue cheese (Poison Doughnuts)

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Making its return to Poison’s menu, this donut is filled with chocolatey goodness thanks to its pure hazelnut spread sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles.

Lemon chia munchkins (Mary Munchkins)

Order by messaging 0918-9446803

Here’s a bite-sized treat perfect for movie or drama marathons: Gluten-free munchkins coated with a lemon zest glaze.

Boba milk tea (Bobba Donuts MNL)

Order by messaging them on Instagram here.

Milk tea lovers, this isn’t a drill: Your favorite drink is now also a donut flavor. This bakery has made a donut that oozes with a milk tea filling (complete with pearls!) inside.


Header photo made from photos from Bobba Donuts MNL, Caden Handicrafted Donuts and The Taste Of Czaczacza

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