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These “people” plant pots will make you and your garden feel a bit less lonely

These “people” plant pots will make you and your garden feel a bit less lonely

people plant pots

It’s been such a long time (six months, to be exact!) since I last saw people outside my computer screen and as an introvert, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually miss interacting with actual human beings in real life. Like most plantitos/plantitas, I’ve turned to gardening to feel some semblance of life around me during quarantine and it did help in reducing the stress from social isolation.

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However, there are days when you just really feel like screaming “I miss seeing people”—and while these tips we’ve collected on maintaining friendships during quarantine may help, we’ve got another way to trick yourself into feeling a little bit less lonely while at home. It still involves gardening—so hurray for plantitos and plantitas once again. Meet “people” plant pots, which can help you pretend you’ve got your friends over at home.


Inbox PH

Here’s a garden concept that we love: Boys over flowers—but make it literal. Inbox PH makes this possible with their cute plant pots that are the perfect size for your succulents. The space for plants is conveniently placed by the top of the “people” pot’s heads, making your plant’s leaves look like a quirky hairstyle extension. Cute, right? 

To order, message Inbox PH on Instagram


Chic Pots PH

Who run the world? Girls. And if you’re missing your lady friends already, these chic plant pots might just do the trick. Ranging from P850 to P900, Chic Pots PH’s handpainted products are complete with flower crowns and headbands for that extra flair.

To order, message Chic Pots PH on Instagram


Pots Mama

Make yourself feel like the king and queen of the plantito/plantita world by bringing home these resin succulent plant pots. Just in time for the Christmas season, these “people” pots are also inspired by the nutcracker fairytale.

To order, message Pots Mama on Instagram


Header photo from Inbox PH

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