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Doctors are making house calls again. Here’s how to book one

Doctors are making house calls again. Here’s how to book one

  • Going to the hospital for a general consultation is a risk these days. Luckily, doctors are making house calls again

These days, going to hospitals for whatever reason is a risk. Most of us who grew up in the latter part of the 20th century remember a time when the doctor actually visits you. In your own home

House calls were both a convenient and safer way to see your doctor. Less transportation was needed on the end of the patient and there was no worry of catching something in the hospital. 

While the practice has fallen out of popularity due to the accessibility of hospitals, doctors making house calls is apparently still a thing. So if you need to physically see a doctor but don’t want to risk making a trip to the hospital, here are some providers that’ll help the doctor make their way to you. 

Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare has a team of doctors and therapists that are available to make house calls. According to its website, “[Home Healthcare] specializes in delivering wellness programs and services to seniors and persons with disability in the comfort of their homes. It also caters to people of any age who need medical assistance at home; as well as individual, group or company vaccinations, among others.”

Doctor’s house call rates start at P5,500 and telemedicine consultations start at P1,000. They also have a COVID-19 home care package that provides physician-directed assistance for people with asymptomatic and mild to moderate COVID-19 cases. 

House Call MD Philippines

If you ever wanted your doctor to be a message away, House Call MD Philippines provides that exact service. To book a house call, all you need to do is send its Facebook page a message. The page is very attentive and replies almost instantly. House Call’s main clinic is located in Makati, but the service has three teams roaming around the area and nearby cities. 

Keep in mind though, the service still has to be booked in advance.

Aide App

Aide App is another home healthcare service provider that offers in-home doctor’s visits. Aside from house calls, Aide also offers other services like online consultation, in-home COVID-19 testing, home laboratory services, stay-in nursing care, physical therapy, and medicine delivery. 

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