artificial anthuriums
Fresh flowers are beautiful but energy-intensive. Why not switch to these artificial anthuriums?

Reevein Studio’s artificial anthuriums are made from recycled scraps, branches, cotton threads, tapioca flour, and recycled plastic bottles

acrylic laptop stand native flowering trees print
These cute laptop stands printed with native flowering trees are a WFH need

Artist Cynthia Bauzon-Arre’s flora illustrations are now on these multi-purpose acrylic risers that might just be what your workspace needs

lasagna gardening compost
What you need to know about lasagna gardening

This gardening technique is also a way to recycle household waste like newspapers and cardboard

kitchen minimalist Japanese inspired interiors
This minimalist space in La Union is a coffee spot, retail shop, and anything in between

La Union has a new resident: Burt Select Shop, an open plan that subscribes to a “less is more” design philosophy while keeping the possibilities of a small space open

Home bar basics for cocktail-making newbies

Cocktail making is an art. It’s also a very fun hobby. Here’s what you need to have stocked at home to get started

Outdoorsy lounge chairs for indoor summer vacations

We may be stuck at home at what’s supposed to be vacation season, but if you have ample backyard space, it could still feel like summer with these chairs

Architect home summer tips improvement header unsplash nolisoliph
Here’s how to summer-proof your homes according to an architect

The temperatures and our electric bills are rising, but keeping cool doesn’t mean you have to break the bank

custom furniture
LIST: Where to get custom-made furniture on Instagram

Your next dream piece is just a DM away

leaf pillows monstera
These leaf pillows don’t dry out—don’t need water or sun, too

Kingdom Plantae’s leaf pillows are the perfect accent pieces for your home—if it isn’t already teeming with plants

Summer mini outdoor appliances ooni pizza oven header nolisoliph
Mini pizza ovens, portable grills and other summer necessities

Got a balcony? Turn it into your summer sanctuary with these space-saving outdoor appliances