plastic pollution

MMDA thinks the sole reason for EDSA flooding is a lack of discipline in garbage disposal. It’s not

The traffic bureau is blaming floods AND heavy traffic on a lack of discipline in throwing away garbage. We’re here to unpack why it’s not that simple

plastic in the air
There’s plastic in the air, and this Google Arts Experiment will show you where it’s from

Turns out it’s not just the obvious culprits like plastic straws that pollute our environment

unborn babies microplastics
Research: Unborn babies already exposed to pollutants in the womb

Past studies have shown that humans eat and drink microplastics unknowingly. Recent research shows that even babies in the womb are exposed to them too

philippine beach siquijor
This environmental org shows us how to Celebrate the Sea

Notice how just about everyone owns a metal straw set these days? With a growing…

The Philippines might start banning microplastics and single-use plastics soon

Senator Loren Legarda was at the 4th Asia-Pacific Coral Reef Symposium in Cebu last Monday…

nolisoli dead whale thailand
80 plastic bags found in a dead whale’s body

If this won’t alarm you about the world’s plastic problem, I don’t know what would.…

nolisoli great pacific garbage patch trash
World’s largest floating trash zone now 3 times size of France

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest accumulation zone of plastic waste in the…

After reflecting on Holy Week, maybe we can reflect on the trash we left, too

I took advantage of the long weekend to realign myself with things that truly matter…

Starbucks is not satisfied with their limited reusable cups

The popular coffee chain is at it again with their sustainability measures by announcing that…