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Can you de-stress using the Love Method?

Can you de-stress using the Love Method?


Reworking the brain and letting go of unnecessary stress can really transform a person mentally and physically. Life coach Marina Riemslagh introduced a new method on how you can detach from life’s toxicity: the Love Method.

What is the Love Method?

According to Riemslagh, it’s a transformative approach that reconnects with the qualities of the self and activates the subconscious mind to sort out negative information. She also believes that we have the capability to “alter the experiences in our subconscious.”

In an article published by, Riemslagh demonstrated how the Love Method works. The first step includes getting rid of stress in five minutes by connecting with the brain and love with your body. The person sits with his/her eyes closed, ankles crossed and hands clasped together, mimicking the DNA double helix.

Stress includes all manners of fear, irritation, disappointment, anger, and solitude.

Next, the person has to declare “miracle sentences” to seal the positive energy. “This means you’ve saved the corrections. When you think of that stressful situation again, it’s gone,” says Riemslagh. “You command the self to make connections.”

Neuroscience has taught us that we can truly be at peace when our brain is functioning properly or when it is “in sync.” If there are parts of the brain that are not connected, it’s in stress. As a result, the immune system will be suppressed. For example, you’re stressed if the left hemisphere of your brain (logic and language) is disturbed while the right hemisphere (intuition and creativity) is restrained.

The Love Method can help you neutralize the negative effects of painful situations.

Most of Riemslagh’s clients seek assistance in relationship problems, mental health, failure, and chronic fatigue. “They want success in their lives, but their problems can’t be resolved because the brain isn’t functioning properly. If you’re stressed, one part of the brain is hyperactive while the other side is dormant,” says the life coach.

The Love Method is actually doable. The challenge comes in when it’s time to focus and stay still. Since this de-stressing approach works on the subconscious, both short and long-term results are achieved. It results in love, health, abundance, peace within yourself and with others.


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