Mar 12, 2018

I’ve read in many fitness magazines and websites before that a surefire way to motivate yourself to workout is to cop new gear—whether it be clothes, accessories, or equipment. Think of them as sort of an investment. Of course, it’s going to take a whole lot of discipline and commitment, too. But it’s true: Workout clothes can make you feel more empowered, boost your brain, improve your performance, and even up your intimidation factor.

“It’s all about the symbolic meaning that you associate with a particular item of clothing. I think it would make sense that when you wear athletic clothing, you become more active and more likely to go to the gym and workout,” researcher Hajo Adam tells The Atlantic.

That said, we selected a list of local activewear brands that you can totally shop to kickstart your #fitnessgoals (again).

Be Amaz1ng

If you want workout clothes that are anything but boring, Be Amaz1ng is the brand to follow (the name itself is motivating already). Their leggings come in many colors and prints, not to mention the sports bras that you can mix and match.

Pinch Fitness

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Started by two sisters, Pinch Fitness lives by their “styled for performance” mantra by coming out with versatile but affordable pieces. For example, their sports bras come in different styles to fit different activity levels. They also have workout accessories such as yoga mats and yoga slings.

Atsui Athletics | Athleisure

Atsui provides clothing for pilates and yoga, but their functionality can extend to other workouts as well. They pioneered airemov, a specially-woven four-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric that allows for bigger, freer movement.

The Shape Shop

Aside from activewear, this fitness brand also has dresses, jackets, and accessories fit for any body type. Most of the tops are also versatile, meaning you can wear them for any other occasion, too.

Lotus Activewear

Perhaps the most affordable on this list, Lotus Activewear produces quality gym clothes that are made of sweat-wicking, four-stretch fabric. Our favorite? Their leggings with pockets.


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