May 3, 2018

For most of us, the resolution to ditch plastic straws came when we saw that poor sea turtle with a straw up its nose. It was one of the most uncomfortable things to watch but became a wake-up call for everyone.

It took a while before reusable straws dropped in retail stores; soon enough we had a kit of our own, complete with different straws for different types of drinks.

Sustainability and zero-waste go far beyond just banning single-use plastics, but it’s a big step nonetheless, and the future is bright.

To get you started on the plastic-free movement, here are some good alternatives to the evil plastic straw.

Steel straws

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The most popular on the list, steel straws blew up on the market early last year when they were introduced to the mass market. They’re easy to use, clean, and store, plus a good quality metal straw can last you a long time. Be careful when you eat out though because you might accidentally leave it or worse, throw it together with your cup.


Bamboo straws

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Bamboo straws are great alternatives because they’re lightweight and don’t contain any chemicals or dyes. They’re not as durable as steel straws, but what’s amazing is that you can actually turn them into compost. Simply toss it in your compost bin with other organic materials and let Mother Nature do her magic.


Silicone straws

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Silicone straws are more kid-friendly, especially if they tend to chew a lot. They’re typically harder to recycle, but silicone produces around nine times fewer greenhouse gases compared to plastic, so it’s still the more sustainable choice.


Glass straws

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Germaphobes will love glass straws because unlike its steel or bamboo counterparts, you can see whether it’s really clean or not. Look for ones made of borosilicate glass, which is equivalent to Pyrex.


Paper straws

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Paper straws are better single-use alternatives for big events or parties. They can last up to three hours in cold drinks and come in different fancy colors and designs.


No straw

Perhaps the most sustainable of them all, switching to sustainable drinking straws can cost you more than just simply going straw-free. If you can go without having to use it, great. And when you dine out, always ask the restaurant to serve your drink without the straw.

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