New bar in Eastwood serves shots infused with native plants and fruits

Salamangka is the place to be from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m.


Undin, tiyanak, and duwende used to be the main characters of our grandparents’ spine-chilling tales we were told when we didn’t want to sleep in the afternoon. But now, they’re the main attraction—and probably your new best friends—at this café and bar in Eastwood.

Radiant with sunlight in the morning, afire with amber LED bulbs at night, Salamangka is the newest project of the people behind 121 Grille and Restaurant. It features your favorite pick-me-upper and after-hour drinks in their most refined and trendy form possible—craft and all-local.

nolisoli salamangka

nolisoli salamangka

nolisoli salamangka

At Salamangka, the aforementioned creatures are just three of their “Seven Dwarves”—their flight, served in shots, of native infusions crafted and matured in-house for one to two weeks. Infusions are the by-products of their plant plus alcohol mixtures. Undin is roasted bell pepper infused in vodka, Tiyanak is Thai chili tequila, while Duwende is dried mango rum. The liquors with the fruits are, of course, made locally as well.

nolisoli salamangka
The Seven Dwarves, in-house infusions served in flights
nolisoli salamangka
Wakwak, a cocktail with dried mango and rum infusion, mango puree, lime juice, and mint leaves
nolisoli salamangka
Mambabarang, a cocktail with gin, lime juice, cucumber slices, and mint leaves

These infusions also serve as the base of the bar’s craft cocktails. Mambabarang has the raisin and gin infusion called Kibaan stirred with lime juice, cucumber slices, and mint leaves. Wakwak has Duwende, mango purée, lime juice, and mint leaves. Aswang, their own take on a Bloody Mary, has the Undin and Tiyanak infusion with lime juice, tomato juice, and Worcestershire sauce.

nolisoli salamangka
Mac and cheese with deep-fried corned beef
nolisoli salamangka
Salted egg wings with thin-cut fries

And for the golden libation, Engkanto Brewery is responsible. “We were just drinking with the Engkanto guys and thought it would be nice to distribute Engkanto here in Eastwood since no one’s doing it yet,” says Salamangka owner and managing partner Jasmin Medina. They carry four variants of beer—lager, pale ale, IPA, and double IPA—and also serve it in flights.

nolisoli salamangka
Coconut latte
nolisoli salamangka
Their own take on three-in-ones called Kapeko 3-in-1, for those who couldn’t let go of the instant coffee’s sweetness and taste

The restaurant’s only closed for four hours a day—they open as early as 7 a.m. and then close at 3 a.m. You can have an early morning alcoholic beverage if you’re that kind of person, or opt for their craft coffee, with beans specially roasted by Jonathan Choi of Magnum Opus and Exchange Alley Coffee House.


This story originally appeared in Northern Living Discourse Issue

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