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ICYMI: Poison has champorado and tuyo donuts

ICYMI: Poison has champorado and tuyo donuts

poison champorado donut

Champorado is a quintessential Filipino comfort food. It’s what everyone craves for when the rainy season starts. But now we don’t have to wait for the grey clouds to roll by for an excuse to enjoy this chocolatey dish.

Poison, which has become known for their unconventional takes on donuts, has come up with a version of champorado that you can enjoy whether it’s raining or sunny, without fear of spilling it while you’re working or walking. You can even get it with tuyo.

All in the form of a donut.


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Crafted by chef Miko Aspiras, the champorado and tuyo donut was actually launched August last year along with other breakfast-inspired donuts: peanut butter and jam and maple and pecans.


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The champorado donut, in particular, uses Auro Chocolate’s single-origin 42% milk chocolate. And aside from tuyo (the ever traditional partner of champorado), the donut also has pinipig and chili.


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