Jun 6, 2019

It’s no secret that Filipinos have an overwhelming love for any type of milk tea—may it be blended with fruit flavors or brown sugar. And this craze won’t be ceasing anytime soon, especially since popular Taiwanese milk tea brand Yi Fang just released a couple of new brown sugar pearl drinks in flavors that are often the favorites of Filipinos: cocoa and matcha.

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Yi Fang use purely fresh and all-natural ingredients in making their new brown sugar drinks—a pride the brand has been carrying ever since they introduced their creamer- and artificial syrup-free drinks in the country in October 2017. A prime example for this is their Signature Fruit Tea, a crowd favorite made of pineapple mountain tea, fresh apple, orange slices, and pineapple and passionfruit compote.

Signature Fruit Tea

The same freshness is imbued in the Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte, which is bursting with everything earthy. The taste of the powdered green tea, sourced straight from Japan, is balanced well with Yi Fang’s sweet and chewy brown sugar pearls.

Brown Sugar Pearl Matcha Latte

The cocoa-brown sugar pearl drink hybrid, on the other hand, is a housemade smooth chocolate mix doused with milk and the signature pearls. One would expect that this drink would be overly sweet—given that its chocolate combined with more sugar—but it is surprisingly not. The cocoa’s malty taste lessens the sweetness, giving the drink a smooth roasted finish.

Brown Sugar Pearl Cocoa Latte

These brown sugar drinks, along with Yi Fang’s long roster of fruit tea, are now available in both cold and hot servings in all branches.


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