Nov 20, 2019

Growing up in Northern Mindanao, one of my favorite merienda was moron (or muron), a kind of suman filled with chocolate. Unlike the typical suman, moron is made smooth, with the chocolate swirling around it like a rice cake version of a Stick-O.

It’s incredibly hard to find here. In fact, for an old editorial we made on kakanin, I had to ask my mother to fly a box of it over. (Fun fact: She eventually sent a box from the brand Nanay Choleng which was featured on “Inquirer’s Best Desserts 2“.)

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Until now, that is.

Good news if you’re a moron apologist like me: the rice cake that originated in Tacloban can now be found at all Ministop branches. It costs P25, which is a lot better than spending money on airfare.


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